Air Purifying Bag

Air Purifying Bag

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Made from sustainably-sourced activated Moso bamboo charcoal, this air freshener is an Earth-friendly option for removing excess moisture, odor and allergens from the air.

Where do I use my air purifying bags?

Use them in your car, wardrobe, shoe closet, laundry basket, kids’ soccer cleat, gym bag, pet pen. Your bathroom may need one or two air purifying bags (depending on how stinky!). Place a couple in your bedroom, kitchen, office, laundry room! Give bigger (or stinkier!) spaces an extra air purifying bag or two!

These air purifying bags are so cute you'd want to place them everywhere to accessorize your home!  

How do I use my air purifying bags?

Simply place them anywhere and everywhere!

The air purifying bags should be used as regular maintenance of air quality and incorporated as part of a clean and toxin-free lifestyle.

They last for a year. After that, cut them open and release the activated Moso bamboo charcoal as fertilizer! What comes from Mother Earth goes back to her, completing a full cycle of nature.

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