Build Your Own Box

Now you can build your very own Earthlove box! Whether you are starting your zero waste journey and need a couple of items, sending a gift, replenishing items from a past Earthlove box, or just need a pick-me-up, our build a box can make that happen!


Simply select the items you would like to add to your box and we'll send it to you within 10 days of placing an order. NOTE: Build a Box is not part of our annual or quarterly subscriptions and is a separate order.


The box ships within ten days of placing your order.


Flat $4.95 shipping in the US | $20 shipping to Canada | $35 worldwide


Build a larger box and take advantage of discounts:

$42 = 10% off retail price

$68 = 15% off retail price

$115 = 20% off retail price

$145 = 25% off retail price