Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box
Seasonal Subscription Box

Seasonal Subscription Box

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Need a reminder to take some me-time? Want to discover new eco products without spending hours on research?

Earthlove’s Seasonal Subscription Boxes are the perfect pick-me-up of sustainable essentials and self-care products, ethically sourced from environmentally conscious brands in the US, Canada, and eco initiatives around the world.

Each season we deliver sustainable wellness and self love to your door through our award-winning Earth-first lifestyle curations (one box, which renews each season). Each box is packed full of ethically sourced, environmentally responsible products, so you can enjoy mindful living while caring for yourself and the planet.

We take the hard work out of discovering your newest favorite eco brand by actively finding new products from artisans and small businesses that help you take easy, impactful actions to feel great and live mindfully with the Earth.

Our Summer 2021 Box includes a collection of eco goodies (with an overall value of $230+!) to help you enjoy those long summer days. And just when you think you need another lift, our planet-friendly box for next season will arrive to welcome Autumn!

It’s the regular reminder you need to reward yourself with me-time and gain inspiration for developing good habits for a greener future.

What can you expect?

Each season you will enjoy up to 10 carefully hand selected environmentally friendly products worth a minimum of $150+, to help you live better for less. We carefully choose artisanal products and never cut corners with sample sizes.

Here's a preview of what you'll get in each box:

  • Seasonal eco-luxe items worth over $150+, including a book, mini magazine, and eco-luxuries curated across categories like kitchen items, healthy snacks, tea, botanical wellness, aromatherapy, beauty & skincare, gardening, apparel, accessories, and more!
  • Ethically and environmentally responsible products, including zero waste packaging, natural ingredients, cruelty-free, organic and non-GMO, and fair-trade products (see the tab "Our Eco Standards" for more information).
  • Products sourced from independent, artisanal, and small businesses in the US & Canada and eco initiatives around the world.
  • Option for fully vegan or ethically sourced 'beegan' boxes ("Regular").
  • Full control over your subscription management, to skip a season or cancel anytime with no questions asked.
  • Exclusive member events and discounts.

Each box supports an environmental cause voted by the Earthlove community every season.

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How It Works


Choose your subscription plan and we'll curate a box each season packed with sustainable eco and self care products by the world's best eco-conscious brands.

Live Mindfully

You'll love our artisanal products and magazine filled with self care tips, eco challenges, and stories to help you live more consciously with the Earth.

Give Back

Every box supports a cause voted by the Earthlove community. We partner with environmental non-profits each season who protect our ecosystems.

Love from Our Members

"I love receiving your boxes & I'm very grateful because I feel that with each box, I'm gaining more awareness; learning to live more sustainably."

"Keep up the great work, I love all the research you are doing on my behalf. I love reading all the information you provide for us, as well as trying out all the awesome products you have chosen for us! I also really love that you give us the beegan option!"

"I love this box so much. I wish I found this when it began. Thank you I need more plastic free and vegan lifestyle support!"

What People Are Saying

"If you’re looking to help out Mama Earth a bit you can’t really go wrong with a subscription box called EarthLove!"

"If someone on your “nice” list is an unwavering recycler and conservationist, then they’ll love the Earthlove subscription boxes. . .And yes, the box itself is eco-friendly, too. These experience gifts will also be a big hit with your eco-minded friend."

"From the thoughtful selection of products that use natural and sustainable ingredients and packaging, to the materials used to package the box itself – no stone was left unturned."

When do boxes ship?

This subscription is for one seasonal box, which renews on the 1st of March, June, September, and December. Your first box ships within ten business days of signing up unless we are in the "pre-order" phase for the next box or we are on holiday. Boxes then start shipping on the mid March, mid June, mid September, and mid December.

Shipping: Flat $5.95 U.S. SHIPPING | NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily suspending international orders, including to Canada. If you live outside the US and would like to get to the waitlist send us an email at and we will let you know when we start shipping internationally again.

Is the box vegan?

Yes! Our regular box is "beegan" (everything is vegan except for ethically-sourced insect products). If you would like a fully vegan box, type "vegan" in the note field on the cart page.

Is Earthlove plastic-free?

We are not completely plastic-free since some vendors use post-consumer recycled plastic for their items. However, we will always aim to curate products that come in plastic-free packaging first (e.g., glass, sugar cane resin, biodegradable packaging) when possible. All plastics in the box are 100% recyclable.

Is the box toxic-free?

Yes! We believe in sustainability first and foremost: ingredients that are good for us and good for the planet. Our vendors are not completely restricted to the EWG list, but we do source from that list and others.

What's in the box?

It's a surprise! But if you want to get a sneak peek for items in our upcoming boxes, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Boxes will range widely from season to season, so you may get snacks, books, apparel, accessories, decor, gardening items, and wellness items in the box. We also include tips and exercises for connecting with the nature in your life.


To create a more Earth-centered future by helping you live more mindfully with our beautiful planet.