• Stillness / Winter 2018

Stillness / Winter 2018

Winter beckons us to slow down. Tune your heart to the stillness that nature inspires. Like the fields that lie fallow and roots slumbering blanketed in snow, so too should we rest. Stillness is who we are when we can quiet the restlessness of our mind. Our Winter subscription box includes a hand-picked curation of 8 eco-friendly products + one book to cultivate stillness throughout the winter season.

Our featured environmental non-profit this season Boreal Songbird Initiative, a Seattle-based non-profit working to help conserve critical habitat for songbirds and other wildlife. Earthlove supports a different environmental non-profit each season working to converse and protect our fragile ecosystems.

This purchase is for one winter box. It does not start a subscription and does not renew.

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This box ships within a week of purchase.