Wild and Free

The Problem with Food Waste
The global food system is "the single largest driver of environmental degradation and transgression of planetary boundaries." —United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization  Food waste places immense pressure on our environment around the world. More than one-third of all food...
Featured Artisan: Creating Upcycled Jewelry with Szilvia Gogh
We featured Szilvia's lovely zero waste SCUBA necklace in our Summer 2020 Earthlove box and had a chance to sit down with her to learn what inspired her to create a zero waste upcycled jewelry collection.   Q: What is the inspiration for starting...
Featured Artisan: An Interview with Marie Pachkam from Unearth Malee
We featured Unearth Malee's all-natural Thai Lime Sage deodorant in our Spring 2020 box and had a chance to sit down with the founder Marie to learn how she got started.
Saving Orangutans
This winter your Earthlove members are helping support Orangutan Alliance's reforestation projects in Sumatra, Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia, and elsewhere!