The Earthlove Difference

The Earthlove Difference

We not only do the legwork for you and support your conscious journey by bringing you great sustainable essentials and self care products, but also maintain the highest standards. It's a win-win for you and the planet!

Earthlove is different because:

  • Our products are top quality
    • The products we feature are natural, organic, cruelty-free, responsibly-sourced, and zero waste - see why this matters below
    • We don't just order everything mass-produced from overseas factories: we try to work with artisans and makers all over the world, especially North America
  • We don't "greenwash"
      • Have you seen advertisements for things like "vegan leather"? They're just polyurethane plastic and polyester. We don't do that. Products we feature are vetted against our strict criteria for sustainability and impact on the planet. Not even "100% cotton" cuts it: non-organic cotton is not eco-friendly, so we make sure our cotton textiles are always GOTS-certified organic
      • Our boxes are 100% post-consumer and use algae-based inks - the most environmentally-friendly inks on the planet. They are so non-harmful that you can home compost them (we've tested it!)
      • We were the first subscription box to offer carbon-neutral shipping
  • We support real environmental causes - that you get to vote on each season!
    • We actually donate and work with our non-profit partners, not just say we support causes (which usually just means "bought their stuff" or "mentioned them in a tweet")
    • We're also proud members of of 1% for the Planet
  • We're good to our featured brands
    • We're able to bring you amazing deals without forcing makers to accept less than it costs to make something (which is more common with subscription boxes than you think) - it's win-win-win!
    • We bring you features, maker interviews, discounts and more with every box
  • We have great customer service
    • Sometimes things go wrong. We try to go the extra mile to make sure you have an enjoyable unboxing experience and make things right when there is a hiccup (just ask our members ;))

Our goal is to empower you to live more mindfully with the Earth by choosing items that are purposeful and helpful, rather than things that'll collect dust in a cupboard. Discover the best and most innovative brands and artisans making a difference in every Earthlove box.

Read more about our values and criteria for choosing the items we feature in our boxes below 👇

Our Eco Standards

Every item found in our boxes has been vetted to strict environmental standards so you can feel good about using them without wondering whether they are truly eco-friendly. The products in our boxes are:


Ingredients that are sustainably-wildcrafted or ethically sourced. Critical plants like frankincense, palo santo, and white sage are vetted for their origin and ways they are harvested to ensure that we do not harm any wild or vulnerable habitats if we include these plant ingredients in our boxes.


Organic ingredients where possible and preferred (we understand that not every ingredient can be organic). We prefer ingredients that are certified USDA organic to ensure that ingredients were not sprayed with toxins or pesticides. All cotton in the box must be GOTS-certified organic.


No toxic chemicals, parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances, synthetics, or other nasties. Natural ingredients only (notable exception is synthetic Mica because the mining of natural mica exploits child labour and devastates the environment)

Sustainable Palm Oil or
Palm Oil Free

No unsustainable palm oil. Lots of ingredients are palm-oil derivatives that appear in many skincare and beauty products, including magnesium stearate, cetyl alcohol, and glycerin. We only feature products that are palm oil free or source their palm oil from certified sustainable palm groves.

Low Waste Product Packaging

Packaging from our featured brands is as sustainable as possible: we prefer glass, kraft, steel, aluminum, and biodegradable sugarcane with little plastic. You won't find HDPE pouches, plastic squeeze tubes, or plastic that is not easily recyclable at most facilities. We avoid plastic packaging as much as possible unless the brand is using post-consumer material or contains plastic that is hard to replace (e.g., eye dropper lids). You won't see any non-recyclable material (e.g., no plastic shrink wrap, plastic textile bags, plastic accessory tags, etc.).

Consider End of Life

We consider the end of life on every product and try to source from brands that are upcycling materials, such as scraps of fabric from fast fashion, and creating closed loop systems with refill and bulk programs. Many products or packaging is compostable, reusable, or biodegradable (e.g., only compostable or biodegradable snack wrappers are accepted)

Sustainable Paper

Any paper products (e.g., cards, stationary, pouches, promo inserts) must be made from post-consumer paper or FSC-certified forests. No paper products from virgin forests are accepted. All Earthlove paper products, including any promo flyers and box magazine, are all post-consumer paper or FSC-certified sustainably-sourced paper.


Items sourced with ingredients or materials from outside North America must be one of the following: registered as certified Fair Trade; have direct, transparent trade partnerships with artisans; or partner with a manufacturer that has fair labor and fair wages certificates (depending on the country).

Eco Credentials

We look for eco certifications including, but not limited to, the Rainforest Alliance, USDA Organic, EWG, 1% for the Planet, Orangutan Alliance, Safer Choice, Fair Trade, FSC, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny, GOTS, Green Seal, Green America, or B Corp.

Sustainable Inside and Out

Earthlove HQ is located on our small farm and natural apiary in Washington State. We take sustainability seriously behind the scenes too!

Packaging, Packing, & Shipping

  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle is our mantra: at Earthlove, we're always look for ways to reduce our own carbon footprint and impact on our beautiful planet.
  • We use EcoEnclose's 100% post-consumer cardboard and GreenWrap's post-consumer crinkle shred for our seasonal subscription boxes, which are printed with algae-based inks -- the most non-harmful inks on the planet!
  • When we're forced to use peanut packing material, it's corn-based and fully compostable (just run it under a tap and watch it dissolve!)
  • We wrap any item that might leak in tissue or kraft paper instead of plastic or zip lock bags


Paper, Box Magazines, and Books

  • All of Earthlove's paper materials, including any promos and the box magazine, are either printed on post-consumer paper or use FSC-certified paper from sustainably-managed forests. Our printer uses waterless technology to print, ensuring that water isn't wasted.
  • All of the books featured in our boxes are called "Last chance" books. We buy them after they've been returned from retailers so they don't end up heading to a landfill.
  • We do not send paper packing slips. All receipts are sent through email to reduce paper.


Carbon Offset

  • Earthlove has partnered with Cloverly to give customers the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint for shipping boxes. Cloverly distributes the funds to the carbon project that is closest in distance to the customer, including farms, wind energy projects, forest regeneration, and other initiatives.
  • On the backend, we've partnered with Boxton to offset all carbon of shipments that head to our warehouse.


Eco Credentials

  • We are proud members of 1% for the Planet and Green America.