Wild and Free

An Interview with Heather Urquhart, the founder of Huna
This season we're featuring HUNA's nourishing vegan body balm in our Winter box. As fellow farmers, Heather and her partner Corrado grow many of the plants they use in their products on their farm in British Columbia, Canada. We sat down with Heather to learn more about how she got started.
A Chat with Eric Buss, the Founder of Davids Toothpaste
We had a chance to chat with Eric Buss, the founder of the forward-thinking and all-natural toothpaste Davids Toothpaste to learn more about how he got started and their mission for creating a better toothpaste for people and planet!    ...
Creating Upcycled Jewelry with Szilvia Gogh
We featured Szilvia's lovely zero waste SCUBA necklace in our Summer 2020 Earthlove box and had a chance to sit down with her to learn what inspired her to create a zero waste upcycled jewelry collection.   Q: What is the inspiration for starting...