The Urban Farm Handbook

The Urban Farm Handbook

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Is that . . . a goat in your garage?! It might be if you've been reading The Urban Farm Handbook: City-Slicker Resources for Growing, Raising, Sourcing, Trading, and Preparing What You Eat. In this comprehensive guide for city-dwellers on how to wean themselves from commercial supermarkets, the authors map a plan for how to manage a busy, urban family life with home-grown foods, shared community efforts, and easy yet healthful practices. More than just a few ideas about gardening and raising chickens, The Urban Farm Handbook uses stories, charts, grocery lists, recipes, and calendars to inform and instruct.

* More than 150 sustainable resources for the Pacific Northwest

* More than 90 basic home-production recipes

* 75 black-and-white and 35 full color photographs

* Up-to-date information on Seattle-area urban farming permits and policy