What's Inside an Earthlove Box?

Love Yourself. Love the Earth.

Living consciously is more than "quick fixes", it's about creating better habits, learning about our beautiful Earth, and developing a deeper appreciation of nature. We take a more holistic approach in our curations and include items spanning a wide array of categories such as artisanal home goods, upcycled accessories, healthy snacks, organic teas, zero waste swaps, and more.

Box value is always $120+


Each box includes a book voted on by Earthlove members. Books can range from informative reads about nature and recipe books to wellness books and guided journals.

Conscious Products

Our boxes include a mix of artisanal products that are environmentally and ethically responsible, including zero waste packaging, natural ingredients, organic and non-GMO, gluten-free, beegan/vegan, and fair-trade. Earthlove also supports artisans, makers, and small businesses in the US & Canada as well as eco initiatives and changemakers around the world.

Eco Challenges

Each box includes a guide with wellness tips and seasonal eco-challenges voted by the Earthlove Community. Participate in challenges with fellow members (or on your own!) to learn how to live more mindfully.

Supports a Cause

We give back! Earthlove is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from each box is donated to a featured environmental non-profit voted on by the Earthlove Community.

Autumn 2020

This box featured nine eco-conscious artisanal items, including a serving board handcrafted from reclaimed Canadian maple and skateboards, an organic bamboo pot scrubber, and a pack of organic 'Cup of Sunshine' turmeric and ginger loose leaf tea. This season we supported the Rozalia Project in their efforts to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

Sold out

Summer 2020

This box featured ten eco-conscious artisanal items, including handcrafted wooden biodegradable sunglasses, organic GOTS-certified cotton sandwich bags, and organic plastic-free lotion bars. This season we supported the Xerces Society to help conserve monarch butterflies.

Spring 2020

This box featured eleven eco-conscious artisanal items, including a organic, plastic free laundry starter kit, an organic heirloom chocolate bar, and an upcycled hair accessory crafted from scraps left over from the fashion industry. This season we supported wildfire relief in Australia.

Sold out

Winter 2019

This box featured ten eco-conscious artisanal items, including an organic facial serum, an organic cleaning bar, and an upcycled waist apron made from scrap denim through The Denim Project. This season we supported orangutan conservation with the Orangutan Alliance.

Sold out

Autumn 2019

This box featured nine eco-conscious artisanal items, including a wildcrafted produce bag set naturally handdyed by us on our farm, an all-natural air purifying bag, and a jar of organic date syrup. This season we supported wildfire relief in the Amazon rainforest.

Sold out

Summer 2019

This box featured ten eco-conscious artisanal items, including a moisturizing shampoo bar, an all-natural face mask, and an organic GOTS-certified beach tote. This season we supported the conservation of coral reefs with the Coral Reef Alliance.

Sold out

Spring 2019

This box featured eight eco-conscious artisanal items, including an organic moth headband, a reusable William Morris cup made from organic bamboo, and an all-natural Citrus and Rosemary room mist. This season we wild pollinators with the Xerces Society.

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What Members are Saying

"This is honestly the best subscription box I have have received. I know that everything I get is truly earth friendly and green-living conscious. Your items are practical and beautiful. Keep up the fantastic work PLEASE."


"I LOVE ALL the products! They are tasteful and are practical and fun and exciting and natural! I subscribed for a full year and I am so glad I did! I love the companies and the causes that make themselves a part of Earthlovebox! In a life full of negatives, having the Earthlover Community a part of my life is a big POSITIVE!"


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