Why We Don't Discount

I get it. We all love deals. You may have stumbled upon us, or have been perhaps wanting to try out a box for awhile. You get to the checkout page and there's a section for entering a discount. 

"A quick Google search won't hurt," you say as you open a window and go looking for a deal. First there's an expired coupon, and then another. Pretty soon you've tried five and nothing works. 

I'm here to save you a TON of time: we no longer offer discounts for our subscription boxes.

Here's why:

Ever since the launch of Earthlove in 2018, we wanted to curate a beautiful eco wellness subscription box full of fair-trade, high quality eco-conscious products. We had set a price that we thought was more than fair and a great deal in and of itself (60%+ off, though in some cases boxes have been up to 75% off the total retail value of the items).

Our boxes are not like most other subscription boxes: we do not greenwash. We do not cut corners. Our stuff does not fall apart after one use. We are obsessed with finding the highest quality eco wellness products for you. Even "100% cotton" doesn't cut it (hint: it's not eco-friendly or people-friendly). We want the best.

Here's the caveat: we can't do that, give you a great price, and also offer discounts.

These days deals and coupons are everywhere. How many websites have you landed on with a popup for 10% off? Many subscription boxes, especially the larger ones, get you in with their too-good-to-be-true deals. It works in the short term, but you pay for it in the long term. What these brands don't say is that these deals are often baked into the price, so they will often set prices much, much higher in order to offer that 20%, 40% or 50% off that can feel oh so good. Alternatively, they'll skimp on things like customer service (and quality!). You think you're getting a deal, but actually end up paying for it somewhere.

We hope to connect with you on more than just a deal: you matter and your efforts to live well and do good for the environment also matter. A large number of our members (notably, who didn't sign up with a deal) are still with us 2 or 3 years later. Why? Because we care. Check out our Facebook Group for proof.

We want to be transparent with our boxes and rather than offering fake deals and then hiking our prices, we give it to you straight. No games, no fuss. From our curations focused on the best wellness items to our (we think) exceptional customer service, you deserve a superior experience. Wouldn't you prefer an ongoing relationship like that?

Setting up tons of deals also means that we have less to work with when building out our membership perks and launching new features. At the end of the day, there's less for you at a higher price and that's not what we're about.

So what's the 'deal' then?

We've set up our memberships so that you get quite a bit of value once you become a member. Here's some of the many things we offer:

  • High quality, full-sized wellness and sustainable products that meet our rigorous eco and ethical responsibility standards (the highest among all subscription boxes). You can read more about our standards here.
  • Up to 75% off retail prices in each subscription box
  • Seasonal pricing for members vs a one-time gift box or past box
  • Earthlove Rewards: immediate shop credit that you can use which carries over from season to season ($5/renewal for seasonal; $25/year for annual members).
  • Exclusive access to our members-only marketplace with up to 50% off retail prices on items from past boxes
  • Occasional free gifts for VIP members (if you're with us long enough, you may get a surprise in the mail!)
  • Ensure that box collaborators and manufacturers are paid fairly
  • We can donate more to our non-profit partners each season
  • The most eco-friendly packaging possible, including a 100% post-consumer box with algae-based inks as well as all inserts printed on post-consumer paper using waterless technology. You can read more about our sustainability here.
  • The ability to build even more cool features for you!

At the end of the day, we're a very small business (just two farmers!) and we need to ensure that what we offer is fair for the people who make the items, our collaborators, our members, and us. In a world where everyone races to the bottom, we're going against the grain and taking a stand for both quality and fairness.

So if you're waiting on Black Friday for crazy low deals or the next holiday, you're going to be disappointed. If, however, you see value in the box, our mission, and the membership then please give us a try! I can assure you that in terms of a "deal", you are already getting one -- an unbeatable one :)

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us at support@earthlove.co